When Life Gets HARD
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We are dedicated to helping as many people as possible to become the best possible version of themselves. Putting an end to yoyo dieting and limiting beliefs. It' doesn't matter where you are starting we can help you experience life at the next level. We coach you in three pillars to a successful life. MINDSET, MEALS and MOVEMENT
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Mindset is the true foundation to experiencing life in a new way. Most people think that if their situation improves then they will improve, when in fact we must change first. 
Food is key to fueling an amazing life which is why we take pride in teaching you how to enjoy all of your favorite foods in a way that will give you the energy you need for life.
Movement is normally where people start and get stuck because they have not implemented the other areas. When you  combine all three areas together it leads to limitless progress!
Ways to Train with us

The VIP Lifestyle Academy

The VIP Lifestyle Academy takes you by the hand and gives you the tools you need to unlock your full potential! Sustained success doesn't come from fad diets, extreme workout routines or bio-hacks. The ability to be able to make continued progress comes from making it a lifestyle! 

We work with you to help you develop the habits necessary to break through being stuck and always making progress. The old way of doing things was to try and manage the way you eat or workout or even just have a positive mindset. All of these thing great, but they will only get you so far if you do them independently. The secret here is to learn how to do them all together!

No more struggling to find balance! We will teach you how to integrate these habits into your life so that you can learn how to eat your favorite foods, workout in a way that gets you results that keep on coming and allow you to learn how to think while building the confidence to handle anything life brings your way! Take action TODAY by CLICKING HERE

Big Booty Challenge

The Big Booty Challenge was born out of pain, back pain to be exact! Sammy (One of the Owner's of Just Go Lift) was feed up with living in constant pain and discomfort. As someone who worked in both the Medical (ER Nurse for nearly a decade) and the Fitness (Certified Personal Trainer and Gym Owner) Industry she did everything she knew of to take care of herself yet she was living in pain and fear of getting hurt from performing even simple movements like tying her shoes. She knew there had to be a better way. She couldn't live like this forever so she decided to find out what was going on!

What she discovered was her back pain was caused from underdeveloped glutes! She found the world's best expert on glutes (aka BOOTY) and after spending countless hours and thousands of dollars training under him and his team, not only had she eliminated her constant back pain, she built a strong and sexy BUM! 

NOW she is dedicated to helping as many people as possible live a life free of pain while also helping them build a strong sexy BOOTY. To learn more and take the challenge CLICK HERE

Conquer The Course OCR Training

Conquer The Course OCR Training is something that is very special to the Owners. For those of you who don't know the Owners and their story they met on course at an OCR (Obstacle Course Race) Event. To be able to create a program to help the community that brought them together was a dream come true!

In this Program Mickey and Sammy (the Owner's) use their nearly 15 years of combined on course experience to teach you how to conquer the most challenging obstacles you will ever face! They also give you tips on how to train your grip and how to avoid doing burpees for every failed obstacle! If you are ready to develop the skills you need to show up to any start line with confidence CLICK HERE

San Diego Corporate (Workplace) Wellness Program:

Corporate Wellness Programs are vital to the workplace. With increased stress and workloads on employees it is critical that your employees function at peak performance. Most corporate programs are not successful, because they lack employee engagement or "cheerleading". People fear it's more of a "push" on them for decreased healthcare costs rather than for their own wellbeing. Plus, not everyone wants to "Zumba" or "Yoga" at work.

The entire purpose behind a wellness program is to teach employees how to create a healthy lifestyle that they can sustain for the long term. When they learn to create and love their new lifestyle they feel good, they are more creative and productive, have increased happiness, sickness goes down, health care cost decrease and they have a new passion for life!

At Just Go Lift we believe in creating a positive learning environment where people can learn how to make it a lifestyle. We believe in making everything you do fun, which helps people stick with it. 

We have three pillars of foundation. The first pillar that we teach is meals (nutrition). Nutrition is a key factor in making life long changes. They learn the proper foods and ratios to eat to make sustainable progress and not feel deprived. The second pillar is mindset. If they don't believe that they will ever be healthy they will fulfill their own prophecy, which is why we teach them to understand "their why". The last pillar is movement (exercise). Once they have their nutrition down, know who they want to be, now they must move and take action. Learning how to exercise in a life long sustainable way. Email us at Justgolift@justgolift.com today to learn how we can make your workplace healthier and happier!

That's NOT All We Do!


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"Be the change you wish to see in the world"
~ Mahatma Gandi ~

Meet the Owners:

Former Construction worker who used to live on beer, fast food and cigarettes after being humiliated by one of his good friends who challenged him to do a single pull up (which he couldn't). He decided to make a change. Growing up he had seen his mom struggle with her weight trying one fad diet after another. He knew there had to be a better way. 
There had to be more than killing yourself in the gym and punishing yourself for enjoying your favorite foods. 
He committed to small daily changes everyday, He knew it wouldn't happen overnight but if he could make today better than yesterday he was making progress. He spent over a decade developing these habits and forming a LIFESTYLE. Now he is dedicated to sharing what he learned so you don't have to spend a decade figuring it out. 
Working as an ER nurse for almost a decade Sammy has seen first hand what happens when you don't live a heathy life. She wanted to do more, more than just helping in a time of need. She knew that if she could reach people before they needed her care in the ER she could help prevent the need for medication or urgent medical attention through showing them how to live a health happy life. 
Just Go Lift 
Just Go Lift was built because the owners saw a need within the OCR (Obstacle Course Race) Community. Mickey and Sammy (the Owner's) met at the 2016 Spartan World Championship Race. Within a year after meeting they opened the first OCR Facility within five minutes of downtown San Diego and got married at World's Toughest Mudder. After helping people within their Facility they realized there was more than just a need to help people get ready for a race, people needed help with their health.!

They started helping people not only get in-shape for races and summer season, but actually working with them to develop habits to live their best life everyday which in turn helped them end crash dieting and health roller coasters forever! Seeing the changes in the lives of everyone that walked through the doors they knew they couldn't stop there! They had to do more! By removing the limitations of the physical location it allowed them to help people outside of the gym!

Just Go Lift is NOW proud to be working with people all over the nation! It doesn't matter where you train, it's how you train and live your life! We are honored to work with you every step of the way! 

Whether you are getting ready for that next race or just want to be ready for whatever obstacle life brings your way, Just Go Lift is the answer!

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